Bangkok, Thailand
Phuwathid Summaviwat

I've had an interest in programming since I was seven years old and had the opportunity with many internships where I assisted in resolving complex business requirements using a variety of approaches, providing me valuable experience working in the IT field. I enjoy spending my time learning new skills, experimenting with new things, and doing other things that will help me deliver in the simplest but most efficient way possible.

Becoming a Full-Stack Developer is my ambition, a role that allows me to solve problems on both the customer-facing and business logic sides. Providing a great user experience as well as an efficient backend.

Skills / Technology

Working-ExperienceI've worked on these before in a production-grade development during my internships.
C#.NET CoreAzureGitJavaScriptTypeScriptReactReduxNext.jsBootstrapTerraform
Learning-ExperienceI've played around with theses or used them in personal projects.
PythonMongoDBSQLPrismaFirebaseDockerJestCypressTailwind CSSAgileCI/CD
Showing only recently used skills
FamiliarI've some basics on these, but I've never used them in a practical manner.


Software Developer|Internship
ExxonMobil Limited
08/2021 - Present
Web Designer and Developer|Internship / Contract
Aileen Solutions Co., Ltd.
04/2020 - 07/2021
Web Developer|Contract
Rujipad Co., Ltd.
08/2019 - 12/2019
Software Developer|Internship
Epsilon Solution and Consultant Co., Ltd.
07/2019 - 12/2019


B.Sc. Information Technology|Software Engineering Track
King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
2018 - Present


Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate|Expiration: 02/2023
Issued: 02/2022
Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals|No Expiration Date
Issued: 02/2022
Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals|No Expiration Date
Issued: 09/2021
AWS Academy Graduate - AWS Academy Cloud Foundations|No Expiration Date
Issued: 04/2021


StackBehavior (2018)
Stack Overflow data analysis in technology trends, user behavior and activities
PythonGoogle BigQuery
Greenigate (2018)
Automatic Plant Watering IoT with mobile app integration for configuration and scheduling
Code-Notes (2019)
Desktop Text Editor inspired by Visual Studio Code
DMS (2019)
Document Management System
Parentchana (2020)
School-Parent Relations Mobile Application
React NativeFirebase
DMS (2020)
Document Management System rewritten in React and deployed on AWS
AWSTerraformReactNext.jsTypeScript (2021)
The website you're currently on
GatsbyReactTypeScriptTailwind CSS